About Us

Why we're different.

Our Story

Republika Salon was born due to a lack of natural and organic salons available to people like me & you!

Yep, we know who you are coz we are just like you!

I mean of course you care about your hair & lookin’ good, but you won’t compromise on your health either!

Why would you?

With a salon like Republika here for you, there’s really no need!

What we put onto our skin/scalp is just as important as what goes into our bodies through the foods we eat and that is why we strive for the healthiest haircare possible.

WE WILL style you, primp you, preen you with the latest hair colours & cuts.

WE WON’T have you subjected to all the harsh chemicals that are usually so common within hair salons!

We promise!

You know what else?

Times are a changin’………..

Health & wellness is so important now more than ever & Republika Salon believes in this change one thousand percent!

Join us in this amazing revolution so our children can grow up in a healthy and sustainable world.

Come into Republika Salon and help us change the freakin’ world! One hair colour at a time. 😉

No Nasties so you can rest easy your hair & health is safe

Exceptional customer service that exceeds your highest expectations

Stylists who listen to you and will tailor a hairstyle to suit YOU the individual

Australian products only. Because we all know local is better